Mother with Hemp

Hello, welcome to Mother with Hemp!

I wanted to dedicate a post about what my blog will be about.

First, it will still be about motherhood and all that it entails. I want to share the real, raw parts that most mothers do not want to share. We all love our social media, but we try too hard to make our lives look perfect. This blog is going to be about the real parts that you don’t see on instagram. Lets make sharing the good and also the not so good parts, the new normal. I want to encourage you to share everything and not feel ashamed or embarrassed, because, more than likely, we have all done the same!

My blog will also still be about homeschooling, life hacks, cooking, homemaking and more.

The thing I am most excited to share with you is about how I manage to be a stay at home mother, wife, teacher, housekeeper, etc; is with HEMP! Yes, marijuana. This may scare some of you away but wait. Hemp is part of the plant WITHOUT thc, which doesn’t give you the high feeling. I will share with you, the products I use, how often I use them and how I use them. This is what has been keeping me sane and calm every day. No need for anxiety or depression medicine, hemp is the natural cure for that and helps with sleep, pain, appetite, inflammation and enhance brain function.

Look for my next blog post where I will share about all the products I use and what to look for in a company that sells hemp. I will post my link below where I get mine and you can use my code “crunchymom” for a discount.

By chelseyvk

Stay at home mom trying to stay sane.

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